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Welcome to GayPrideDVD.com - GBCTelevision.com's dedicated website for our Pride Event Films. From a random "can you help us" request from Gran Canaria's Pride Committee in 2008 to an internationally successful division of GBC Television, GayPrideDVD.com has been an undoubted success. Don't forget to read our important notice at the bottom of this page!

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Maspalomas Pride 2014: The Official DVDs:

Due to a new committee, new processes and operating ideals we have recently been informed that we are not required to film Maspalomas Pride 2014. Following a number of people speaking with the new committee we were then invited to film - but would not be able to brand any resulting DVDs as "The Official DVDs of Maspalomas Pride 2014" ... we could not refer to Maspalomas Pride, GLAY or similar ... so it is with regret we announce that we will NOT be filming Maspalomas Pride this year

List of DVDs:

2013: Maspalomas Pride 2013
2012: Maspalomas Pride 2012
2011: Maspalomas Pride 2011, Cherry Darling - the DVD, Doncaster Pride 2011
2010: Maspalomas, Doncaster, Wakefield, Derby, Stoke, Barnsley, Kidderminster
2009: Maspalomas, Toyah, Swansea, Hull, Doncaster, Stoke, Barnsley, Middlesbrough, Drag4U
2008: Maspalomas, Stoke

Maspalomas Pride 2014

Well then. It is with just a little sadness - and quite a lot of disappointment that I have received an email tonight ... 3 weeks prior to my film crew flying to gran canaria to film Maspalomas Pride 2014 ( as we have 2008 - 2013 ) ... stating that we will not be required to film this year as they now have a local business filming for them.

It is disappointing as we have donated way in excess of £20,000 filming, editing and production work over the previous years ... I have personally put in hundreds and hundreds of hours editing work. Blood, sweat and tears for 6 years - and all you get is a "we appreciate what you have done previously but thought we'd let you know incase you had any thoughts of coming over based on an assumption that everything would be the same as last year"

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14 days of the DVD being released.

Liverpool Anti-Homophobia Candlelight Vigil - 1st November 2009

Animated CandleSee our full length film of the Candlelight Vigil held in Liverpool on Sunday 1st November 2009.

Thousands of people turned out to support the vigil following the brutal attack on James Parkes one week before. Our film shows the entire speeches made during the vigil.


Unless otherwise stated we do not charge the organisers of these events to film their shows.

The DVDs on this website are FREE. We do however ask you to make a voluntary donation / payment (amount shown by each DVD or DVD Collection) which is kindly received by us as a contribution towards our Travel, Accommodation, Editing and Production Costs ONLY (unless otherwise specified) and is NOT a payment in ANY SHAPE OR FORM for the DVDs you select or for the Artists' work contained within them.

By ordering / watching the Official DVDs, by watching or linking to our trailers of any of these events from us or by using our website you accept all of these terms and conditions without question or prejudice.

After we have recovered the travel, accommodation, editing and production costs we offer a donation to those Events which we film for free based upon the number of DVDs shipped from this site.

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Upcoming filming dates
4th - 12th May 2013
Maspalomas Pride


When ordering a DVD that has been released please allow 28 days for it to be shipped.

When PRE-ORDERING a DVD before it is released your DVD will be dispatched within 28  days of the DVD being released.


The Legendary Toyah Willcox in Concert at Sparkles Showbar, Gran Canaria

Our WORLD EXCLUSIVE DVD of the Legendary Toyah Willcox performing live at Sparkles Showbar in Gran Canaria.  


See our "Meet the Team" page featuring various filming pictures from the last 3 years

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