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If the answer to the following questions  is "yes" then we can help you and help your pride event!

  • Do you have an upcoming Pride Event?
  • Would you like your event filmed, edited and turned into a DVD so that you and others can relive it again and again?
  • Would you like to increase awareness of your event for the following year?

We have become the official video production company for Maspalomas Pride in Gran Canaria - having filmed, edited and produced the Official DVDs for three years. We are already planning our trip to Gran Canaria Pride 2011 where we will again be offering our services to film their Official Pride DVDs.

We have several deals available, including "no cost to you" options so please drop us a line with the details of your Pride Event and we will be more than happy to discuss the options for filming it with you.

Please note however that as of 2011 our standard "free" filming for pride events will require several things:

  • Prominent full page advert in your Pride Guide - preferably inside front cover or full outer rear cover of guide. Artwork will be provided by us.
  • On Stage graphic advertising of our GayPrideDVD.com brand. Artwork templates can be provided
  • GayPrideDVD.com plugs throughout your event
  • Plugs in your venues afterwards
  • Two "staff" to man a stall / wander the crowd taking cash orders on the day

General Enquiries: enquiries@GayPrideDVD.com

Enquiries about filming your event: FilmMyEvent@GayPrideDVD.com


Let us film your event

Are you the organiser of an upcoming Pride Event?

If you are then we can help you with our filming, editing and DVD production facilities.

Contact us to find out more...


We do not charge for the DVDs on this website, or for the artists work included in them.

We donated our services to film, edit and produce the Official DVDs of Maspalomas Pride free of charge.

We do however ask you to make a voluntary donation / payment (amount shown by each DVD or DVD Collection) which is kindly received as a donation towards our Travel, Accommodation, Editing and Production Costs ONLY.

By ordering the Official DVDs from us you accept this without question or prejudice.

We will make a donation to those Pride Events which we film for free based on direct sales.