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Liverpool Anti Homophobia Candlelight Vigil - 1st November 2009

James ParkesOn the 26th October 2009 James Parkes was brutally assaulted by up to 20 people  as he was leaving the Superstar Boudoir on Stanley Street, Liverpool.

He suffered multiple skull fractures and was left in a "critical but stable" condition in hospital according to police reports.

During the following 7 days an unprecedented level of support against homophobic hate crime gave rise to a Candlelight Vigil held the following Sunday.

GBCTelevision.com & GayPrideDVD.com are proud to be able to show you every word, every emotion & every wish heard by the thousands of people who turned up to offer their support.

We have been asked by several people if we can provide the full vigil film on DVD.

We are able to do this, however we do not expect there to be a great number of orders.
We DO NOT, WILL NOT and REFUSE to make any profit from sales of the Vigil Film.

We do however want to provide those people with DVD copies if they want them.

As such, you can order the Vigil DVD here for a sum of £5. This simply covers duplication, media, packaging, and postage. If there is a large demand for the DVD of the Vigil, then we will make a donation to a Charity of James's choice.

Our video film runs for approximately 28 minutes and is split into three sections due to video size and length limitations.

Each of the three segments is available below.

Part One:


Part Two:


Part Three:


Order the Liverpool Vigil against Homophobia DVD

If you would like to order a DVD of the Vigil, we are happy to provide this for a small donation which covers duplication, production, media, packaging and postage.

If there is a large demand for DVDs then we will make a donation to a charity of James's choice.

We DO NOT WANT TO MAKE A PROFIT out of this DVD and this is why we will donate if there are a large number of orders.

Please decide if you want a DVD+R or a DVD-R copy of the DVD. Click the appropriate button below. You can pay with PayPal, credit or debit card.

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