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Maspalomas Pride The Official DVDs

In 2008 Gareth was approached by Holger Haerich of Pub Nestor - who was also part of the committee responsible for producing the Pride Shows - to see if he would be willing to step in and film the Official DVDs of Maspalomas Pride - as the original crew that were going to film had failed to arrive.

Gareth and his friend Lee filmed all three shows, and once back in the UK edited the footage down to produce the first year's DVDs - the masters were sent to Holger so that they could be sold in Gran Canaria.

We then offered our services to film the 2009 shows - and the rest is history! 

Please select which year you are interested in!

Maspalomas Pride - The Official DVDs2008 Official DVDs
2009 Official DVDs
Toyah Willcox at Sparkles Showbar DVD
2010 Official DVDs
2011 Official DVDs

Maspalomas Pride Compendium 2008 - 2011 - All 33 DVDs
2012 Official DVDs
2013 Official DVDs

Special Videos to watch

The e-sensual Dance Company open the Grand Finale Show from Maspalomas Pride 2011

Eva-la-Diva wants to fucking dance! - Maspalomas Pride 2010


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