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Gran Canaria's Maspalomas Pride 2013

You can now order the Official DVDs of Maspalomas Pride 2013.

Once again Maspalomas Pride was a stunning success.

As you know we edit the Maspalomas Pride shows in our own time - and this year has been incredibly busy ... the busiest ever ... so we have been delayed in completing this year's orders ... but have no fear ... completion date is very nearly here!

Our work on the Official Boxed Set is complete.

Please see our IMPORTANT MESSAGE at the bottom of this page.

Maspalomas Pride 2013      Maspalomas Pride 2013
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You can now ORDER our 2013 DVDs

Our most popular option is the Full Boxed Set of DVDs. This pack includes EVERY DISK from EVERY EVENT that we film.

The following events were filmed:

Opening Saturday Show (30s & 40s): Saturday 4th May - not yet available
Sunday Show and Main stage round of Pride's Got Talent: Sunday 5th May - not yet available

Aces charity show (The HIV & AIDS Benefit Show): Wednesday 8th May
Ricky's Blue Pool Party: Thursday 9th May
Drag Gala & Talent final Show: Friday 10th May
Pride March: Saturday 11th May
Grand Finale Show: Sunday 12th May

Since originally producing the DVDs - some of the contents have changed on individual show DVDs. Orders have been appropriately modified to deliver the content requested.

Footage of the first two shows will be released during SUMMER 2014 when editing work is complete

The following DVDs will be produced:

ORDER The Boxed Set

Full Boxed Set
HIV & AIDS Beneift Show, Drag Gala Show, Talent Show Final, Grand Finale Show, Rickys Blue Pool Party & The Pride March DVD
I am ordering the COMPLETE BOXED SET
If we add DVDs during Pride ... you will automatically have these added to your order if you order the full boxed set.

PRE-ORDER Individual Show / Event DVDs

If you prefer, you can pre-order individual show DVDs

Show 3
Wed 8th May 2013: HIV & AIDS Benefit Show
"The Power of Love, Big Show" - This is the HIV & AIDS Benefit Show
I am ordering the Show 3 DVD

Show 4: Friday 10th May 2013:  
The Drag Gala Show & Talent Show Final
I am ordering the Show 4 DVD

Show 5: Sunday 12th May  
"Back to the Future! Main Show"
The Grande Finale Show
I am ordering the Show 5 DVD

Ricky's Blue Pool Party  

Thursday 9th May
Ricky's Blue Pool Party - one of the highlight events of the week
I am ordering the Blue Pool Party DVD

The Pride March  
Saturday 11th May 2013
I am ordering the Pride March DVD



We film Maspalomas Pride free of charge - we do not receive ANY travel, accommodation, editing or production costs from the organisers.

The DVDs on this website are also FREE. We do however ask you to make a donation / payment (amount shown by each DVD or DVD Collection) which is kindly received by us as a contribution towards our Travel, Accommodation, Editing and Production Costs ONLY (unless otherwise specified) and is NOT a payment in ANY SHAPE OR FORM for the DVDs you select or for the Artists' work contained within them.

By ordering / watching the Official DVDs, by watching or linking to our trailers of any of these events from us or by using our website you accept all of these terms and conditions without question or prejudice.

After we have recovered the travel, accommodation, editing and production costs we offer a donation to Maspalomas Pride based upon the number of DVDs shipped from this site.


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