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If you would like us to film for you we are going to need some information from you about your event.

Select which QUOTE FORM best suits your requirements and fill in your details.

Once the form is complete select the QUOTE ME button at the bottom of the QUOTE FORM to send your details to us.

Once we receive your quote request we will produce your quotation pack and send it to the email address you have entered.

Select which QUOTE FORM you require

So you have seen our example films, read our client testimonials and have discovered what is included in our filming packages and their associated costs.

Its now time to request your quotation pack and payment information.

If you have received a PROMO CODE from us ... don't forget to enter it on the form below. 

Please QUOTE ME for my Ultimate Wedding Film

Fields highlighted in red MUST be completed.

First of all tell us about you and your partner.
Remember... fields in red MUST be completed in order to complete the form.

Now tell us when your wedding is

Now we need some details about your wedding day.

First of all, where are you both getting ready?

Now tell us about your wedding ceremony

Where is your wedding reception?

Where is your evening function?

Messages from your guests

During your wedding day we will record messages from your friends and family for inclusion in your film. Sometimes your quests will leave "risqué" messages, which might include swearing or topics which you may consider to be not suitable for all audiences.

Would you like us to include ALL messages or use our discression and remove those which we feel are not appropriate?

If you elect to have ALL messages included but are still worried about the content of the messages then we can provide a second audio track that has the "risqué" words or phrases "beeped out".

Tell us any additional information that we might need to know

Now lets move onto some other information

Now you need to select some options for your booking

Editing and Delivery

Our usual delivery times are between 6 and 36 weeks. This can be extended at our busiest times. We do however have a priority "queue jump" offer on the editing of your film. There is an additional payment required for this queue jump facility - and there are ONLY a small number of queue jumps available.

Please select ONE of the following two options

Paying for your Film

There are several "when to pay" options available. Please select which one you would like

How would you like to pay?

We have several payment options available. Please select which one you would like

Film Type

Finally what sort of film would you like?

Our full-day Ultimate Wedding Film is our main - and most popular choice for our wedding couples. The whole of your day filmed from preparations right the way through and beyond your first dance - and a full "Guest Messages" section plus a full-day recap at the end of your film.

The other options are a "basic" film of your wedding - with minimal editing and no music, and our "ceremony only" option.

Terms and Conditions

Special Promotional Prices

Our special promotional prices are offered subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Our special promotional prices only apply to our FULL DAY Ultimate Wedding Filming package.
  • You agree to provide the film crew with a hot meal when you sit down to eat. This does not have to be the same meal as you. A bar meal will be sufficient.
  • You agree to provide free soft drinks for our crew from your bars during your wedding day.
  • You agree that can use any images, video film, audio, edited footage or similar for marketing (and other similar) purposes (for example: our website)  - such as adverts to other potential customers, online / internet marketing, industry adverts or similar.

Full terms and conditions will be detailed in your contract

You can disagree with these terms and conditions but you will be quoted at full price, without any special promotional discounts

All done??!!

So you have an event that you wish to have filmed. Complete the QUOTE form below with information that will help us to produce a quote for you. 

Please QUOTE ME for my Event

Fields highlighted in red MUST be completed

First of all tell us about you and your contact details

Now tell us about your event

Now you need to select some options for your booking

All done??!!


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